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Seminario Orador

Sergio Neuspiller

Sergio Neuspiller is Latin America's pioneer in stereoscopic 3D techniques with over 20 years of experience in this field. He is President of Full Dimensional Entertainment S.A. which is a producer and distributor specialized in 3D digital cinema. Since 1990, he has been a reference, consultant and creator of 3D productions of all types in North America and Spain .
Since the new DCI specification for 3D digital cinema was created, Sergio has been the first one to homologize its production quality under the specification and certify his production in the region. He was the first one who made 3D commercials under the DCI specification in digital rooms (Brazil 2006) and also first to debut 3D medium-length films (Argentina 2007). His company, Full Dimensional, was in charge of the 3D version of Boogie, the oily (in Spanish: "Boogie, el aceitoso"), including digital mastering, encryption and key generation. This signified a landmark since it was the first 3D movie entirely made outside the United States.
This movie produced in Argentina by Illusion Estudios was exhibited in the official competition of Annecy 2009 (in 2D because the 3D version was in process).
At present, he has finished his own 4 medium-length educational films, of which 2 have been debuted.
He is currently working on Gaturro (co-production between Argentina and India), and Top Cat (Argentina – Mexico – Warner).
Sergio Neuspiller is consulted at all times by important national and international production companies and directors, thus having –to this day– 8 projects under pre-production, some of which already have a 3D teaser. He has held lectures and seminars about 3D and digital cinema in universities, festivals, and premieres, mainly in Argentina and neighboring countries.


The Seminar

The seminar suggested for Annecy is based on a previous one held with great success in Mar del Plata Film Fest, Bafici and Cinecien, among other events. The idea is to refresh it with the latest updates, though keep its spirit. The interesting point of the presentation is that it is wholly delivered in 3D with glasses, thus making it more innovative, fun and, above all, easier to understand. This seminar can be held anywhere that can work as an auditorium (we carry the equipment), though a 3D cinema room would be ideal.

Contenido del Seminario



• What is stereoscopic 3D? How does it work?
• Dismissing false theories.
• Our brain and the stereoscopic vision.
• A bit of History. 3D Daguerreotypes in the 20s and mega-productions in the 50s and 70s.
• 3D today. May help to save the industry?
• Thinking in 3D.
• Recording in 3D.
• Animating and composing in 3D.
• Projecting 3D.


• What is DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives LLC)?
• Who is part of this joint venture?
• What was it created for?
• How to approve production?
• How to convert existing film or digital material into digital cinema?
• Concepts of security and anti-piracy.
• Distribution systems.
• Projection systems.
• Alternative systems.


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