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    Stereoscopy | 3D Animation | Digital lab

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    2D to 3D


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Audiovisual Production Stereoscopic 3D (3DS)

We have more than 20 years experience in Stereoscopic developments, from commercial to feature films.
Recordings with 3D cameras, 3D Productions, Stereoscopic consulting. Recording set assistance. Rig set up of 3D Cameras in different platforms (Maya and Nuke).

3D Recording | 3D Animation | 3D Productions | Consultancy


2D to 3D Conversion

Stereoscopic 3D Conversion from 2D final material.
We made the same technics that are used actually in the blockbusters films of the cinematographic Industry.


Motion captureMOCAP

Real time motion capture studio with Optitrack® technology, which achieves complete integration of characters and scenarios. It has 18 cameras, recording at 120 fps and the ability to capture up to three characters on stage.
Facial Motion Capture system with Optitrack® technology. It has 12 cameras, recording at 120 fps, with live audio recording.

Motion capture

AnimationVFX and Animation

We are a 2D, 3D and VFX Animation studio. We create concept art, characters development, sketches, sets and props models, rigging, skinning, shading technics, full animation, lighting, composing and special effects.

Modeling | Riging | Skinning | Shading | Animation | Lighting



We have software and hardware equipment fully compatible with the DCI standard. Mastering 2D and 3D DCPs with Dolby® technology. KDM generation, encrypted generation of 2D and 3D DCPS and DCDM generation.

DCP Generation | KDM Key Generation | DCDM Generation


7.1 surround sound studio, Voice recording studio.
Foley and SFX Generation. Original Music composition.

Stereo Mix and Surround 7.1 | Recording Studio

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Crisólogo Larralde 1740 CABA | Buenos Aires - Argentina
(+5411) 4701 8690 / 4701 5156 | info@fulldimensional.com.ar


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